Mr. Bigglesworth wears a SentinelX, which sync's with the COIN app to earn his owner cryptocurrency.
A new app launched earlier this year, called "COIN", has been growing like crazy.

Here’s why: It's one of the few apps that enables you to start earning cryptocurrency with your phone.
Powering COIN is a technology called XYO. It turns your phone into a device that verifies data of other things around it.
Like Bitcoin did to the banking monopoly, XYO is doing to the GPS-location monopoly (which is about 30 satellites, owned by the U.S. Government). 

You'll be helping to build a people-powered technology that helps verify GPS data. In return, you earn a crypto called XYO.

To get started, you need to order a SentinelX device (it's free, you only pay shipping). After that, they provide the instructions on how to get the COIN app.
COIN rewards you for verifying data of things at different locations. The more you travel around, the more you can expect to earn.

If you travel a lot, or if you drive a lot, you should definitely give it a try.

Truth is... The people making the biggest killings are truckers, and ride-share drivers!
Many hope to collect 1 Million+ XYO. The theory is this: As the network grows, the value of the asset powering it (the XYO crypto token) will also grow.

Even if XYO's price doesn't increase, a large number of people make money every single month using COIN.

While those who travel a lot are likely to earn more, one story surfaced recently that's quite entertaining... A man who uses his cat, and COIN, to earn crypto.
Meet Mr. Bigglesworth. 

Bigglesworth is the one-year-old ragdoll belonging to XYO Co-founder, Scott Scheper. "Bigglesworth is a fellow who lounges about most of the day. His primary hobby is pushing things off my kitchen countertop."

While working from home, Scott observed that Bigglesworth only did 3 things all day.

"Bigglesworth starts the day by jumping on my bed, and then staring at me until I get up. He then moves to the kitchen sink and meows until I turn on the faucet for him to drink. Then he saunters over to his food, and eats. Next to his food bowl sits his igloo-shaped liter box where he takes care of business."

He repeats these steps every, single, day.

"That's when I thought, what the hell! I should put Bigglesworth to work," says Scott. 

Scott decided to place the SentinelX device on Bigglesworth's collar. He then let him roam about all day. Meanwhile Scott left his COIN app open. It resulted in Bigglesworth "Geomining" the different Quadtiles he was in. Best part, it refreshed every 3 minutes. Bigglesworth began his career as a real crypto-mining kitty!
"Currently I have 300,000 in my COIN account. I’m not sure what amount of that Bigglesworth has generated, but I’m a believer in crypto", Scott said. "Look, if I’m going to work from home anyways, I may as well enlist Bigglesworth's help! He can begin paying for an occasional meal of all-natural wet food!"

Granted, you'll earn way more with COIN if you're on-the-go. But still... The fact that you can now enlist your cat to help you earn crypto is pretty cool!
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